Currently, energy from biomass is about 3% of total energy consumption in the European Union. Other members of the European Union such as Austria, Finland and Sweden, this renewable source of energy and accounts for 12%, 23% and 18% respectively of the main power supply.

Predictably, Spain will go the way of our European neighbors, as we have the resources and enough technology to do so.

Renewable energy has strong support from public institutions, so there are open lines of support (25-70%) for the implementation of these technologies.

According to the Technical Building Code (CTE), the new houses are required to include renewable energy, given the significant benefits that entails, and longevity of equipment.

The fuel is completely renewable, and domestically produced, so it is not subject to fluctuations in external markets. The cost of fossil fuels likely will increase, so will the biomass, although the cost of biomass is always below the fuel it replaces. 

Thanks to these characteristics, biomass is a resource available that saves important, contributing to the optimization of equipment and sustainable energy efficiency.