ENERGIA SIERRA SEGURA has a wide range of boilers, air heaters and generators, thus adapting to the needs of each user, also combining design, technology and efficiency.

We have our own equipment from a variety of range and power. There hidroestufas available to the client, boiler hydraulic system built to connect directly to the radiator system of housing, as well as a range of boilers with outputs from 20 kW to 1,200 kW of mass production and scalable on demand, we also with hot air generators, widely used in poultry farms, greenhouses.

All our equipment is guaranteed and certified for operation with olive pit. Teams are guaranteed for two years, but there is also the possibility of extended warranties.

We have professional installers with extensive experience in the biomass sector, trained to work with our equipment, which allows us to provide high performance service to ensure quality in every one of our jobs.




Biomass can be defined as organic material from a biological process can be utilized as an energy source.

Speaking of biomass, we're talking about an ecological and renewable fuel, which does not contribute to global warming of the earth caused by the greenhouse effect, there being a neutral CO2 balance.

Energía Sierra Segura, bet for many years, the olive pit, and we contrasted the smooth functioning of the fuel, providing maximum performance in thermal comfort, plus get excellent value for money.