The expected increase in fossil fuel prices, makes it very attractive investment in renewable energy. Given that the cost of biomass equipment is a higher payout than conventional facilities are amortized over a short time, according to consumption, as the price of fuel used is much smaller and it is renewable.

In general terms we know that a liter of diesel is around € 0.90 € 0.15 compared to the cost of a kg of olive pits.

Energetically speaking, 1l Diesel = 2.4 kg of olive stone (PCI: 4000 Kcal / kg wb)

In economic terms, is now, that the price is to replace fossil fuel (0.80 to 0.90, € .. can be supplemented with a much lower cost), which means big savings. Thus, although the higher the cost of biomass equipment, amortization is rapid, and taking into account that teams have an average life of 20 years, the savings is more than significant.

Furthermore Energía Sierra Segura has excellent financing benefits whether you opt for the comprehensive energy services contract, as if they choose to receive services.

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